Don’t run into anything!!-Running in the Dark.

So my first lil entry is going to be some tips on running in the dark. So for all of you night owls or early birds who run before it gets bright, heres some tips and musts for you.

So I run early in the morning before 5am so its still pretty dark out, I know this one seems a “given” but you would be suprised how many people I almost run over because they don’t have any lights or reflectors on them!No joke!!

Wear a head torch and some reflector tape or a jacket or whatever but something so people can see you even if your on a path, you can get a real fright when someone just “appears” out of the abyss. So thats number 1 – Light up!!

I also never run the exact same route I like to mix it up with 2-3 different routes so I’m not on the same area everyday, to vary the stimuli and also for safety, that way people don’t know your routine to much. This blog isnt to freak anyone out its info so we can all fit in our runs and stay safe. So number 2 – Mix it up1!

NO headphones – not going to elaborate on that. Its just too dangerous you need to be aware of your surroundings when its dark, so headphones are a no no. Number 3 – play your own tune!

I think its important to always tell someone where your pottering off to when its dark. I always make sure my fiancee knows where I’m gone to and roughly how long I will be away, I mean sometimes I run longer just because the mood takes me and I’m feeling pumped but in general, I always let someone know the area I’m heading off to run in. So if I am not back by a certain time he’s out n about to find me and raise the alarm and he has come and found me once or twice adding in an extra few mile down by the beach!!! So even you have a housemate etc just even send quick tx saying gone for run be back in an hour. Or write down your routes on bit of paper and have it by your bed at least then someone knows where you might be. Especially if you don’t bring your phone ya could get injured and if its early and quite out, you may not have anyone come upon you for quite a while!!! So number 4 – Check in with someone.

Also I run on a path thats around a lake so its for walking but I always run on the outside nearest the road, not in nearest the woodland area. At least if anyone approaches me I can run into the road as opposed to being taken into the woods, once again this isn’t to scare anyone, its to help, I promise and give criminal minds a miss if you plan to run when its dark. It’ll fill your head with all kinds of crazy goings ons!!! So number 5 – Run nearest the road and avoid hidden trails or woodlands. Plus ya could trip and hurt yourself on the wooded areas and be out of the running game for a while.

Number 6 – Research your running area if its a new one. If your visiting somewhere new, research the trails, areas that are safe etc and when in doubt run where its populated.

Number 7 – Pepper spray. I never leave the house without it!! And this isnt just female specific k guys. I have a little hand held one made by SABRE RED Runner Pepper Spray with Hand Strap. Its not an expensive one there are tonnes of brands etc but they dont cost alot and give me peace of mind. As a run solo most of the time when its dark I feel safer with this. I ususally flick it to active when I’m in a very dark area (theres one bit on my route thats very dark) and I’m good to go spray wise if I need to. Oh and when you buy one spray it once in the sink to make sure it works because I had a friend who’s didn’t work!! So it wouldn’t be much good to you if it didn’t actually spray!!

Number 8 – Where possible run in a lit up area or with someone. I’m adding this in as Im sure alot of people run with someone but same rules apply. Don’t rely on others to see you etc.

Number 9 – Bring a whistle once again I know that seems probably very female targeted but I guess I am a woman but I feel alot of it applies to both genders, don’t be too macho to carry a whistle or pepper spray!

Number 10 – Watch out for animals. I often end up getting the biggest fright when I see beady little bright eyes staring up at me from a bush, coyote!! He’s a regular on my path, but seriously thats another reason to stay away from wooded area, racoons, skunks etc, I guess just mind your business and leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Once I thought it was just a cat following me and then I realised it was a feckin racoon and I legged it, into an all out sprint!!

Number  11 – Have fun!! Don’t let your mind go too crazy, if you have a bad feeling about somewhere get outta it k! Running solo in the dark certainly has a somewhat therapeutic air to it. Its just you, the open road, nature, your thoughts, your shopping list!!,whatever you choose to think about, but before you do that- think safety k.

Safe running guys and gals and thanks for reading.xxxx




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