Santa Cruz Half Marathon- Sunday April 1st 2012

What a wonderful course this one is. The scenery is amazing and you end up running literally along the cliffs with the surf pounding up and even spraying at some stages. The surf happened to be epic that day so there we tv crews etc, great atmosphere.

Its a hilly course with some nice ups and downs but farily fast, the finish was on the beach and the food, perks etc after were brilliant, tonnes of helpful volunteers (good job everyone and thanks) and food and very well organised. I was really impressed, finishing on the beach was just great.


About half way through this race you run in through farmyards and everything. It really was an out and back race with something to look at every step of the way.

  • Some advice for people intending to run next year, race morning pick up is a NO-NO. I drove from SF that morning, cuz I was on my own, grabbed parking 5 buckaroos-no probs headed for race day bib pick up etc the Queue was literally down and around and about 7 blocks in length- nightmare. Realised after about 20 mins of waiting and 5 mins to start time that most people were 10k-ers so I just exused myself ran up the front of the line said I was starting NOW and needed my bib, I got it- problem solved..
  • NO they had run out of safety pins!!!ahhhh so i was like oh im just gona tuck it in my shorts, when I saw a sneaky volunteer coming my way with about 3 boxes of safety pins, I approached him and grabbed a handful ( so i could hand them to some of the others who were in the same boat and heading for the start line), Warned him of the frustrated mob heading his way and to prepare himself to be safety pin attacked!!!Started off at least 10 mins after first gun shot but caught up and had a great race.

So advice on this one and for other races – Arrive really early for race day pick up – Avoid if possible – makes for a stressful pre race ritual!!Everyone had the same idea..obviously!!( and I should know better )

And bring your own safety pins ( I wouldn’t mind only I had about 20 in my car from other races!!!)

You race, you learn!!!ImageImage

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