Ocean Beach and Lake Merced Run

San Francisco has alot to offer in relation to running routes with golden gate park and the golden gate bridge etc, but some of the overlooked running routes have to be along ocean beach and around lake merced.

The lake Merced loop is 4.5 miles around and is a nice scenic rolling hills run, its a mixture of trail and path and no need to move for traffic as theres a path all the way around. Its busy during the day usually 7 days a week but the atmosphere is always relaxed.

If you want a longer run combine one loop of the lake then cross over onto sloat and head for the great highway where the beach path begins. Run parallel to the breaking waves and let the sound of the surf and smells of the plants fill your senses and just run. There are toilets on the route and if you run all the way past judah and the beach chalet it will lead you right to a Right turn which will bring you into golden gate park. Its approx 3 mile from sloat to the end of route.

So combine that with the loop and ya got a nice refreshing lil run.

Its very easy to just get lost in your running along this route as its so beautiful and relaxing you can be 8 mile in before you even know it!!!

But if your visiting SF I definitely recommend ocean beach for a run.

Heres a link to a route I take on my nike plus, Its a 21 miler but if your feeling adventurous……..


Be safe everyone and happy running.


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