Running Backwards….the new way forward??so to speak!!

So I have often seen people running backwards when going up hills and steep inclines and always wondered whats it all about. So I decided to research the whole running backwards thing and my wondernment must have been a sign as when I did, I stumbled across the WORLD backwards running champion. He is Garret Doherty and he is from Dublin, Ireland. A fellow Paddy holds the world record for the fastest mile ran backwards!!!!

He has smashed his own record — after he ran a backwards mile in under seven minutes.

Garret, 33, beat his own personal best time in the unusual event by more than 30 seconds while defending his title at the UK backwards running championships in Manchester on Sunday May 27th 2012.

Incredibly, Garret, from Dublin, Ireland, completed the mile-long course in Heaton Park in just 6 minutes 57 seconds — beating his nearest rival by almost a minute. The Irish man says he got hooked on the bizarre sport three years ago — when he turned around to avoid the sun’s glare while out on a jog.

And despite constant stares from baffled passers-by, he discovered he could run nearly as fast backwards as he could forwards — and claims his life has been transformed by the craze.

Heres a pic of him actually speeding backwards!!Crazy!! 

Garret Doherty might be a world champion runner but you wont see him at this summers olympics - because he only runs BACKWARDS

 I’m sure people usually have to do a double take when they him whizzing past when he’s training!!! 

But i was definitely compelled to write about this as in an interview he stated that “I’m always getting passers-by shouting at me, telling me I’m going the wrong way. “But who says I’m going the wrong way and everyone else is going the right way?” – And this statement just pieced everything together for me.

If we always go through life trying to adhere to social norming’s “the right way” we may never truly discover our own greatest talents and different paths in life. Maybe we should all take some time to turn away from the suns glare and just go where our mind and feet take us, and accept that the way we lead ourselves is the right way and paths we come upon by chance should be embraced and discovered. It may not be everyones way but its your way, my way etc. Lets try and go against the grain, and run backwards for a little bit through life who knows what we will see and how it could liberate us. 

Happy running everyone!!xx




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