Vaseline-Get your lube on!!

So I want to talk to everyone about endurance running and vaseline.

An unlikely combo, possibly, for anyone reading this who is not a frequent runner. However for anyone who has developed chaffing and had to continue to run on through another 17 miles without even a slippery glimmer of hope in the form of vaseline, can relate to the advice I am going to give.

Now I know theres body glide etc and it has never worked much for me maybe once or twice in a triathlon I used it and it was slightly effective but in running I have stuck to old school-vaseline. (A generic brand would be grand too).

Its just the best. Everyone finds what works for them but if you are having trouble with chaffing and blisters and havent had any luck with all the gimmiky things, stay old school, its cheap, sold nearly at every corner shop and I’ve never had it stain my clothes or gear!!It has NEVER let me down and no I am not working for vaseline!!

Heres the low down on usage:

I apply it to my feet before a long run or race on the heels and corner of my feet, I rarely blister but if I do thats where it will be, but I have never blistered when I’ve put vaseline on my feet. Socks on, then runners and off ya go.

I also apply it on my inner thighs etc to prevent chaffing, it stays on and I never have to reapply it, even on a long run. Works like a charm and be generous with the amount, its cheap so go crazy!

Also I always pop some under the band of my sports bra (guys this isn’t applicable to you, well actually who am I to judge maybe it is for some!) and under where it closes to avoid any pinching after i start sweating and the skin expands.

If its very windy I also put some just under my eyes above my cheeks as the skin there is really soft so it prevents wind burn.

Men, you can also apply it to your nipples I know a lot of male runners who swear by this and I apologize for my insight for the male running population not being a bit better, sorry, but I would love to learn from ye and hear some more ideas on where to use it during running (keep it clean tho!). So leave me some comments on new ideas.

It is an on going joke amongst my friends how I use vaseline for the cure to most things!!!But when it comes to running long and fast I would be short and slow without vaseline.

Hope this helps ye all have a pain free run

happy running ya’ll.xx


One thought on “Vaseline-Get your lube on!!

  1. Well Janey that is most interesting article on the advantages of using Vaseline and I have always found it very good for dry skin on my feet over the years but I would only put it on at night before going to bed now I will try it when I go for my walks in the morning and shall let you know how it works for me.
    Love you

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