Its a Runner Thing!!See it..and do it…

T. S Elliot said “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
I am inspired by this quote and have it in easy view, positioned beside all my medals on my bedroom wall. SEE IT….DO IT!!
I’m usually super motivated in the mornings but as winter drudges in and bringing with it darkness and rain, sometimes getting up in the mornings before 5am can be a struggle (especially when your leaving another person toasty and warm in bed!). But when my alarm goes off and I reach for my GPS watch, it is strategically positioned right underneath my wall of achievements and inspiration and when I glance up and see those words by T.S Elliot, I’m into my runners, shorts on and out the door I go 🙂
I guess what I am trying to convey is that every now and then we need a pick me up and I find mine in visually displaying my medals on my wall and reading quotes and then I remember that feeling (and you know what Im talking about its that runners high, its that F$$K yeh, YES I CAN!!) and I am instantly motivated. Reading some positive energy before a run can really bring you on through, and leave you feeling fresh and fit after.
I run harder and longer when I use visualisation. It has proved an extremely effective technique. After you train and train and peak, your ready physically and thats great but its that last lil bit where you need to see yourself doing it, before you actually do it, that brings you to the finish line every time. Whether its a race finish line or the finish line of a tough training run, or even a short run that due to an injury or “bad day” you are struggling with. See it and you can do it.
On my long runs when I see that finish line in my head, and feel that finish feeling inside I can just keep on going, defying sometimes what my body actually wants to do. I’m literally saying to my body you can stop if you want to, but I am outta here!!!! No pain no glory,no finish no feeling, no medal no motivation. It is a vicious circle and we can sometimes be our own worst critic, being so hard ourselves to be better and fitter. However without aspiring in life we would always stay the same, and that wouldn’t be much of an adventure at all.
And its not just other peoples quotes I have on my wall, heres one of mine that you can feel free to keep in your mind, if you need a pick me up
“I dont want to be the best that I can be, I want to always be better than the best that I can be” – Janey Keegan.
This way I’ll never stop reaching and grabbing those goals and achievements one by one!
Happy running everyone.xx

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