Dublin City Marathon Shout out!

So tomorrow Monday October 29th 2013 is the annual Dublin city marathon on my home soil in Ireland. I want to wish everyone at home the best of luck running through our capitals beautiful and friendly city.

With a 9am start in the morning, which in retrospect to here in the states is late for a marathon and most of us would be almost finished by the time Dublin cities is beginning! But then I guess Ireland rarely has the temperature constraints that we have over here. And by the looks of it the weather will manage to stay fairly dry with probably just a few showers, which is great. We have our fingers crossed for you all over here hoping everyone has a dry race 🙂

As it is a bank holiday tomorrow, there will be a huge expectancy of supporters lining the great streets to cheer on everyone and lend a hand and a “yahoo” to get everyone to the finish line.

This is the 33rd year of the Dublin Marathon, which is run through the historic Georgian streets of Dublin.

10,000 people will take to the streets of Ireland and More than half of the expected entry of 10,000 will be made up of overseas runners, many of whom will be returning to sample Irish Hospitality once more no doubt.

So to anyone state side who has made the journey “good luck and enjoy” and Go n-éirí an bóthar leat which I think is very befitting, it means ‘may the road succeed with you’

Happy running everyone.


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