New York City Marathon wont be stopped by the weather

So it appears that the NYCM will go ahead, the important news for runners is that it’s still very much expected that Sunday’s ING New York City Marathon will go on as scheduled. This is wonderful news, it got me thinking though, about runners traveling from outside the usa or even within the states, and all the extra anxiety and nerves that are added to running a marathon with an impending Frankenstorm on the way!!

So I hope everyone will take it in their stride and have a great race. The NYM have released this statement, so I think this probably helps.

“Many flights to New York might not resume until Thursday. And for those entrants with second thoughts about coming, or who just can’t get to town, the NYRR is loosening its policy regarding accepted entrants who choose to defer their entry to the following year. The policy had set an October 31 deadline for deferrals, longer for those deferring in person at the race expo. But deferrals will now be accepted by postmark or e-mail until Saturday”.

I personally think this is a great service they have provided and hats off to them as I think it takes a little pressure off anyone who cannot make it or chooses not to. For everyone else who does intend to brave the elements, enjoy this week…HOORAY FOR TAPERING!! and best of luck on Sunday, stay safe until then and try n keep your umbrella right side out!

happy running everyone.


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