Runner knows….OR Runny nose!!!!

Hey everyone,

So I know with the time changing and light hours getting shorter and viruses and colds rampant, that it can be difficult to avoid getting sick during the Winter and Autumn. And when your sick with runny noses or blocked up noses it can be especially hard to run and train. I braved the elements on monday for a 24 miler with a stuffed up head, running nose and a positive attitude! My run actually turned out to be great, I forgot all about being under the weather and just literally got “under the weather” and ran my ass off.

That being said its important for us to remember that a break to recover from a cold or flu can be extremely beneficial, if your body is run down and its telling you I need a day off, chances are, if your like me your gona say ‘yeh but I bet I can just run it outta me and sweat it out’….NO!!! Do that once, get it over you and then realise that taking a break is the right thing to do. Having a day off from training to build up your immune system again and get some much needed rest is a good thing. Conditioning isn’t lost because of one or two sick days. I sometimes need to remind myself of this!!!!

Once again with darker mornings and evenings make sure you light up and be seen and also wrap up in the right gear, wet cotton is gona make you cold&subsequently ill, so aim for breathable wear and a proper running jacket that doesn’t overheat you too much, but keeps you dry and of course the faithful Brim Hat!!!

Top up on Vit C – I swear by an orange a day and my daily one a day vitamin and also if you do have sore throat, runners nose!! etc heres a drink I’ve been taken for years its easy and I guarantee if you take 2-3 times a day you will start to feel better.

Happy running everyone.xx

Honey, Lemon, Ginger ‘Feel toasty drink’ to Get well!!!

You will need a 1 squeezed lemon&orange, piece or ginger cut round and edges cut off and 1 tsp honey.

Squeeze juice, honey into a mug then grate a nice bit of ginger into it, add boiling water stir up and drink when its hot.

The healing properties in ginger and honey are well know and it doesn’t have the nauseating effects of theraflu’s or lemsip’s (if your irish and reading this!)

Run Long and Propererous.xx


2 thoughts on “Runner knows….OR Runny nose!!!!

  1. Sounds like the perfect drink to keep the cold out of your bones, Janey – thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween, muh-ha-ha!

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