New York goes ahead….unofficially that is!!

I am both inspired and humbled of Sunday Nov 4ths events in New York. With the marathon being cancelled at the last minute and runners left broken hearted after training and fundraising and putting in such hard work, it was so sad for it to have been called off and a failry huge inconvienence flights etc, but thats not what I’m here to chat about. Not the negatives of the race cancellation, but the inspiring tale that more than 2000 runners wrote on Sunday Nov 4th in New york city.


While officially the race may have been cancelled, more than 2000 runners gathered to run the NYM route kitted out in their gear, some in bibs some not. All the runners intended to do was put their miles in around the park. One of my fellow SFM ambassadors ran it that morning and said the camaraderie and support from both fellow runners and spectators that turned out was so emotional. It may have been that this unofficial marathon that almost was, was more emotional than the one that could have been.

Runners from around the world met inside the park, many wearing their orange NYC Marathon shirts and their racing bibs. Spectators braved the cold to ring cowbells, wave pompoms and cheer on their friends and family, making for a festive atmosphere. What a wonderful unexpected story to be able to tell.

And the race didn’t go ahead without sparing a thought for those affected by Sandy. Each runner was asked to donate food, clothing and money to Sandy Relief, which Sven’s team from the Renaissance Church in Summit would deliver to storm-battered Staten Island that afternoon. 

Runners were also asked to bring water and snacks for themselves and one other runner, for the self-sustaining run. So many people showed up that the race had to start in waves beginning at 8 a.m.  Everyone could complete four loops of Central Park for the requisite 26.2 miles, as the first NYC marathon did in 1970. 

What a great morning for mankind and I hope that by reading this we are all just a little humbled and go ahead and do a selfless deed today for someone else. Be inspired everyone.

Great job runners!!!


One thought on “New York goes ahead….unofficially that is!!

  1. Janey that was just amazing and an inspiration to all of us to remember that when we are faced with challenghes how our inner strength comes to the fore. I was very emotional as I read it thinking how wonderful it must have been to be a part of something so self fullfilling there must have been so much “feel good feeling” in the park that it had to lift the spirits of the people of NY. As always it is the “little things” that count the most.

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