Running in San diego



This is a pic of me running into the sunrise in san diego the past weekend. It was just beautiful. After attempting a 6 mile scenic route on friday that turned into the very rare time I have an unenjoyable run I went in search of a more therapeutic and scenic route for a saturday morning half marathon distance.

The run on Friday was filled with smells of petrol and a dennys or fast food joint on every single corner. Do we really need that much fast food readily available!

Anyhoo I researched for Saturday and headed of on my run it took me over the bridge heading for mission bay and ran all along the canal into the sunrise along mariners cove and bonita cove park. It was a great route and everyone in SD is soooo friendly quick with a nod and a “good morning”, and I actually ran a bit of my run with a small group called innovation that were out on a training half marathon race. They asked me to join when they saw me rocking my San Jose R n R tee and I happily accepted.

San Diego discovering your nooks and crannys by foot was a pleasure I will reunite with you again soon.



One thought on “Running in San diego

  1. I loved watching your little vid, it looked like just the perfect weather for a early mornin’ run. A Ron Burgundy sighting would have completed your San Diego adventures, hehe!

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