So the half marathon this sunday is sold out, so commiserations to anyone who did not get in to enter in time. It should be a great race and great course with beautiful scenic views and an abundance of atmosphere.


The Course itself has a total ascent of 213.25 ft and has a maximum elevation of 111.55 ft, which is great and will keep me on my toes. I’m excited to be running this part of california as its so nice to discover things by foot as I can experience the inherent nature of the wildlife and beautiful area that is monterey.

It says at the moment that rain is to be expected on sunday morning 50% chance and 55-58 degrees. So I will be layering up to be nice an toasty. I have experienced the Monterey sea breeze in the mornings and its a chilly one, but I wont let that get me down as I get up all those hills. Im looking for a PR on this race, so bring it on!!

I will be running this race and dedicating it to my fiancee! I really enjoy running solo especially on an early morning and scenic race like this.

SFM ambassadors will be out as there are a few running this half so will be great to run it with an amazing bunch.

Tune in for an update on Sunday evening with pics of my medal and newest addition to my shrine of running achievements!!!! 🙂

Happy running everyone.



  1. This is such an awesome race, I can’t wait! Last year it was supposed to rain and it cleared up right before the race. Fingers crossed that happens again this year 🙂

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