Big Sur Half Marathon Nov 18th 2012 – Recap

SO the half yesterday was the most scenic race Ive ever done just beautiful. While meandering up through the cliffs , your head was filled with the smells and sounds of the waves crashing and as the sun began peeking out around 8am it illuminated the entire race.


The rain kept off and course was hilly but I still got my PR 🙂 was a brilliant run and race and the atmosphere was great. And a big shout out the the ladies who had the planks of wood covered in masking tape that had massive clumps of vaseline on it. OMG it was great, I didn’t stop to get a pic but you know who you are. Maybe they read my earlier blog about the importance of vaseline, either way, it was a lovely treat coming up to mile 8!!!! And in all the races Ive ran I have never seen anyone with vaseline on a stick!! Thanks girls.

It was really well organised and the medals are the nicest Ive seen very unique, I thoroughly enjoyed this therapeutic and beautiful race and think I may become a regular at it. See you next year guys!!


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