Marathoning in the rain t’wud seem!!

So with a weather forecast like this impending and likely for the CIM (California Int Marathon), I feel I need to RE-STRESS a few running tips for this sundays rainy race!!

Sunday, December 02
RiseRise: 7:06 AM
RiseSet: 4:45 PM
SetRise: 8:37 PM
SetSet: 10:00 AM
Cloudy, long periods of rain. Highs in the low 60s and lows in the low 40s.
Relative HumidityRelative Humidity: 84%
PrecipitationPrecipitation: 70%
CloudsCloud Cover: 58%

DON’T be too cool for a DIY rubbish bag!! Take a rubbish/trash bag, cut a whole for your head, and wear it while you wait at the starting line. DO NOT RUN with the trash bag on for any distance; use it to keep yourself dry at the start. More than likely, you’ll be standing in the starting corral for a long period of time before the race with little shelter.

Secondly my dearest friend – Vaseline!!! Lube up to your hearts content especially on exposed areas and body portions, it will help keep you warm. Vaseline is waterproof, which will help keep your hands and lower legs from getting too cold. One caution, Vaseline does not allow your body to sweat efficiently, so don’t put in on your head and neck 🙂

Brim/peak cap for run off water keep your face dry so you can see!!!self explanatory!!

If you have friends/family on the course, give them a dry shirt or socks that you can swap at 16 or 20 miles to get a nice fresh feeling and to get rid of any soggy clothing or shoes that are holding you back. It doesn’t bother some people to run in the rain so if your not in a bad way skip this one if ya like. However if your feet are soaking a quick change of runners and socks isn’t a bad idea – the wetter your feet are the heavier they are.

Dress accordingly but be mindful of wearing too much stuff and discarding your nice gear on the side of the road. You will warm up.

Drink as you normally would just because its not hot doesn’t mean you won’t get dehydrated.

Stay to the middle: most roads have a camber meaning they’re slightly curved and higher in the centre than either side. Stick to the middle of the road and you won’t find yourself splashing through as much water on the ground.

Remember the thought of running 26.2 wet is probably alot worse than when you actually do it. I think you’ll be suprised how little it might bother you on the day. So truck on everyone, its gona be a great race.

Happy tapering and running everyone and I will be at the SFM table at the expo this saturday morning if anyone wants to stop by to see what were all about and meet some ambassadors.

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