CIM-What a Race-what an experience-what a PR!!!

I have dried out enough now to give you all a Re-cap!! (Glossary of terms are at the end of this write-up!!!!) I managed to convince 4 guys to sign up for SFM, even in the midst of the weather I was still networking for the team!!:)

Tap, tapp, tapp….Ring ring ring….4am alarm and rain beating down on the window as I wake up Sunday morning to prep for CIM. Oh the weather, twas weather that Ireland would have been proud of the wind was very strong and the rain that was coming down was insane!!!

Gear on, bottles filled, breakfast eaten, black bin bag at the ready, rain bucketing down – T’wud appear we are good to go!! Paul and I hopped in the car and headed for the start line, roads were flooded so we were re routed and told I had to hop on the “bus gus”!! So after I said good bye to Paul and braved the weather and the walk to the bus along with what can only be described as a multi-coloured sea of poncho’s and fetching home made ensembles (mine included!).

I queued with everyone else and chit chatted with my fellow runners, it was kinda looking like we were gona be late 6:40 and we still hadn’t boarded the bus but then it was our turn and I experienced my first ever time on an american school bus. Sat down beside a first timer who was to say the least, terrified of the weather, I told him not to worry it would give him something to focus on! I also chatted to 2 really nice guys who heard my accent in the queue and came over to say Hi. They proceeded to say to me “Oh I thought you were supposed to bring good weather with you” to which I replied “no,no, I brought the good luck and IRISH WEATHER!!!!” We had a good laugh about it. Lightened the wet mood, but the energy was great while waiting in the rain.

After arriving at the start 3 minutes before gun time, rush to the porta-loo then I heard the loud horn go off and I rushed to join the thousands of poncho clad, determined runners who were not willing to let this weather deter them. Off we go, blown from side to side with rain pouring down forming side ways rivers on the roads. And then 8am came and it really started to rain!!!

So rain aside, everyone was in good spirits and I managed to chat to a few people here and there which was great. The pretend wall constructed at mile 20 was a great laugh with the grim reaper!!!good job. The race itself was such an experience and everyone running were really in good form.

So at about mile 19 I think, I pulled up along side an older man in his 50’s or 60’s and we were running side by side and said hello and asked how each other were doing. I took out my cliff bar for a wee snack and thought t’wud be rude not to offer……….Ya know seeing as we were running together so to speak. So we chin wagged and chatted and he asked about Ireland and I told him that this was considered a “good drop o’ rain” at home!! We shared a laugh and some stories and then he said well I would personally like to thank you for coming all the way out to run CIM, he then introduce himself as none other than Steve!!Steve Polansky, president of the SRA (Sacramento running assoc-the group who organize the entire race) and board of directors, I was running beside a living legend, what are the chances! So we shook hands and I said I was privileged to meet and what better way to meet the president of the running assoc than out running. He was a lovely man running along in the midst of thousands of others and you would even know. So that was def the highlight of my marathon!!

So with lifted spirits after getting a good luck from Steve I headed off bound for the finish line. It came not too far ahead and I crossed over in a PR of 4:39 after braving the crazy storm and torrential weather and running conditions we all faced. I still managed a great time and a PR and couldnt be happier.

A huge shout out firstly to all the volunteers and supporters who braved the elements to cheer on and help us runners. Amazing job they are sometimes the unsung hero’s of the race! Also thanks for the never ending renditions of COWBELLS!!!hehehehe 🙂

Second shout out goes to everyone who ran the north face endurance race and competition this weekend in the same conditions great job everyone and all the other SFM ambassadors who raced this weekend.

My newest addition to the wall….

View photo.JPG in slide show


T’wud – It would

T’was – It was

Good to go – ready to go

Hop on the bus gus – ref to the song!!

Queued – line

Porta-loo – Porta potty

Chit chat – small talk

chin wagged – To chat

good Drop o rain – decent amount of rain fall

Wee – small




4 thoughts on “CIM-What a Race-what an experience-what a PR!!!

  1. Congratulations Janey!! I am so proud of you, what a fun blog as well. Ring me up, we’ll have a grand chin wag 😉 xoxo

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