Back from blog sabbatical!!!

Happy new year everyone.

I have returned from all my travels and adventures over the holidays. I hope that the 1st of the year saw you setting some new goals to reach and planning new adventures to take:)

I spent much of christmas running on the North West coast mainly in Portland and Seattle, the trails were beautiful and although it was always kinda wet, I NEVER actually got caught in a shower or got too wet. But oh god, the leaves!!!! It was like Seattle has been taken over by leaves….it made for a few fairly hairy slides while on my run, beware of the slickness of leaves that have banned together to form somewhat of a slide!!

Portland was veeeerrrrrry chilly, and coming from Ireland I am used to running in the rain and in the cold however Portland just had a snowy chilly wind all the time, but I was bundled up in my cozy new NF down jacket ( Thanks Pauly). I also managed to hit the slopes for some boarding at Mt Hood which was a wonderful break from training. All in all I ran for most of the christmas holidays and enjoyed being on different terrain and seeing new faces and landscape.

I concentrated on trails around Greenlake when I was in Seattle and Mt Tabor and around cascade falls in Portland, chilly but lovely.

Some of my New Years resolutions include completing 2 more Marathons and my first Ultra in August 2013 along with getting married, and achieving a sub 2 hour half marathon, (of which I have to do at some stage during this year).

With all this training its def important to take time out for yourself and your loved ones and take a step back to enjoy life we cant spend life just running and rushing through it. So welcome 2013 I am ready for you and everything that you hold for me. No mountain too big 🙂 🙂

Happy new year running.xx


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