Trail and error!!

Well 2013 has already seen me begin my dive into ultra marathon training bliss. Finding my way on the trails and learning and accepting that while I am an experienced runner,(having ran trail half marathons before) ultra trail running is a different ball game!!

What can I say I love the challenge and July 14th 2013 will see me compete in my very first 50km ultra “golden gate trail 50km ultra marathon”. I am very excited and even more excited to have begun my training and set this new goal for myself.

I am learning more and more every time I hit the hills and road about how ultra running demands respect.  I am learning to focus less on my watch someone told me to “ditch the watch!”. I have a long time affair with my gps watch so I will not be able to fully ditch her, but I am learning to concentrate less on time and more on just running and conserving my energy, judging terrain and watching where I’m going!!!

Apparently the very last thing you’ll hear an ultra runner ask another ultra runner is “what was your time?” That’s what they do in marathon land and below. (and I am still in marathon land with 2 more marathons before this ultra). In ultra world they ask “did you finish?” very few people actually care what your finishing time was, so in essence, neither should I. One of my resolutions of 2013 is to metaphorically ditch the watch and just run for the sake of running.

I have as always researched and educated my mind on the commitments and requirements for ultra running so mentally and spiritually I am ready to go and physically I am more than ready to embark and make my glorious entry in the ultra running world.

The only way is up!!!! I am learning something new every day about how far my body will go how to fuel it properly and also all the little things that need tweaking, I have a bit to go but I will get there 🙂

If anyone has any recommendations or tips for a new ultra runner please pass them on, I am humbled by this training and journey already so I want to learn as much as I can.

“Pushing your body past what you thought it was capable of is easy; the hard part is

pushing yourself even further … past what your mind wants to let you.  That’s what

ultrarunning is all about; introducing you to a self you’ve never known”.

Happy running to everyone.


One thought on “Trail and error!!

  1. Congrats and worlds of luck to ya, you’re my running hero Janey!! If you need a ‘crew’ for the ultra please consider me, I would love to be there to support ya!
    ❤ Tiff

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