Rock and Roll Irish style!!

I was sooo delighted to see that the rock n roll marathon series is bringing their rockstar style to Eire. August 5th will see the inaugural inception of the Rock n Roll series Half marathon in Dublin city.



Competitor group inc – the organizers seem to have their hand in just about every event, and its great to see the taking their power to some of the smaller locations. This company have raised over $235 million dollars for charities. It will be a wonderful boost to Irelands economy as its a perfect time for a holiday and if you run..sure why wouldn’t ya take your holiday to Ireland!! They now have added 6 European dates to the calendar in 6 exciting countries. Here they are:

European Tour Stops

Sep. 30, 2012 Lisbon, Portugal
Feb. 17, 2013 Nice, France
Apr. 14, 2013 Edinburgh, Scotland
Apr. 28, 2013 Madrid, Spain
Jun. 15, 2013 Oslo, Norway
Aug. 5, 2013 Dublin, Ireland

So I guess if you like to run and have always wanted to go to Ireland, now is the time 🙂


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