New year, new travel goals :)

So with the new year upon us and alot of people likely to set new life goals, fitness aspirations and also travel expectations and ideas. I thought I would compile after a little research the top 10 Marathons worth traveling for and to. This is based on location, atmosphere and the peoples vote. After much research and article musing myself, as I hope to travel to at least “one” marathon outside of the USA this year, I thought this would be very helpful info for those of us who want to combine a holiday with running. Races are what you make them, so this is just 10 of hundreds and hundreds out there.

By mixing it up and blending fitness with travel we get to set a new kind of goal and in some ways the travel can be just as exciting.

I guess its like anything in life sometimes the journey, the people you meet along the way and getting there is what its all about!!!!

So I encourage you to set some traveling and fitness goals together, experience new places, new people and embrace new ways of looking at things.

SO without further ado!!Here are the top 10 marathons worth traveling for as polled by forbes, lonely planet and and frommers.

10. Napa Valley Marathon (I’m running that!!so numero 10…done!!)

9. Paris Marathon, France

8. Boston!! (no more needs to be said)

7. London Marathon, England

6. Big Sur Marathon, CA (also done this one!!)

5. Vancouver, Canada

4. Mont- St Michel Bay Marathon, France

3. The great wall Marathon, China

2. The big five marathon, South Africa

1. The Athens Classic Marathon, Greece (after all thats where it all started!)

So while some may disagree or agree with some of this list, I mean there are so many personal victories and experiences that make a marathon much much more than just 26.2. So for each of us there is a favourite amazing marathon that is not on the list….. eh SAN FRANCISCO MARATHON (just saying!! 🙂 June 16th 2013 be there!!).


My next travel venture is NVM!!

But what I feel everyone can agree on is that, setting a goal, and traveling, both metaphorically speaking and physically is just the greatest journey, and after all isn’t running a marathon…traveling anyway??!!!!


Happy and safe travels and



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