Napa Valley Marathon Recap:)

576241_10151369475387982_406852846_nAbove is some of my schwaaaaag from the race. So march 3rd marked the 35th NVM and also marked my new PR of 4:25 mins a full 14 mins faster than my last race, sub 4 here I come!!!

The race itself was very scenic and if one word could describe it, it would be “quiet”. Honestly this is one of the quietest races I have EVER been in, it was miles of sometimes very little noise if any. Except for the guy who was a bit behind me who at every mile marker shouted really loud “going down!!” (presume he meant going down in miles!). But it was so quite than honestly every time he shouted I got a fright and startled back into the present!!!

As for no music, I was grand it wasnt too challenging but the quiteness of the course kinda had me a little bored by the time I reached mile 16. I was moving it 🙂 so no motivation loss at all, but it was starting to get a little hot (for me!!) and I was just wishing I had a lil diddy to rock out to . BUT……..fear not, because as I rolled out of mile 16, I got a huge suprise my cheer squad (I’ve never had one before, not mid race anyway), there was Tiff, Al and Paul with massive neon signs and just the right amount for get up and go I needed!!!

ImageHooray!! Quick kiss for my babe and off I went!!

The course def wasn’t as flat as it appears to be advertised as. It was somewhat misleading on the ol’ flatness front!!But I mean it wasn’t exactly hilly ( compared to trail running!!!) but its certainly no CIM or the other end…SFM!!! I really enjoyed the race and was soooo happy with my time.

I worked hard for this one, extra hard really, on my speed work and it paid off. I maintained a 10 minute mile all the way resulting in a PR and placing 411th of almost 900 women, so thumbs up girls!! and 900th over all out of 2300 runners, so not first place but it has the same affect for me as I worked really hard and achieved the goal and time I set forth for myself.

Weather was perfect for me, cloudy bit warm, aid stations and over all show put on was top notch shout out to all the volunteers. I was disappointed with the race tees though, there unisex and just really out of shape and big, and for a year honoring women I felt they could have at least made male and female fitted tees ya know, but apart from that great course great race, great finish, great experience.

ImageLittle post race mimosa, if a little flushed after all the sun!!

ImageIn transit…rocking out my SFM ambad-ass-ador gear!

Look at the muscle in my legs!!I’ve really come along way, 55-60 mile weeks are resulting in muscle machine!!

Happy running everyone and hooray for the longer evenings and brighter mornings!!


3 thoughts on “Napa Valley Marathon Recap:)

  1. Well Done Janey many congratulations you look super fit and the cheer squad and their poster are fantastic roll on the SFM no doubt you will knock off a few more mins on you time then.

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