Back to base-ics!!

So this weekend will see three weeks since NVM and I have allowed myself this time to recover. I made the mistake before of rushing back too quick and injuring myself, not very badly but enough to keep me off for a week!! So while I kept the week right after my marathon to 35 miles, I only ran 13 miles as my longest run since the race.

And I feel great…body wise, my mind however always seems to worry that I somehow, will have lost my base endurance fitness by taking time to let myself recover (which is silly!!) but its one of the turmoils of being a runner!! I go through it after every race, honestly its silly base training is most important and it doesn’t go because you give your body some well needed rest and re-fuel for the next set of training and goals. BTW I tell myself this all the time!!

Anyhoo tomorrow will see my first loooonnnnnggg run or what I would consider a longish run of 18-20 mile, I am excited yet nervous. I am now embarking on my ultra running training with back to back runs every second weekend, so it will be getting fairly intense and so to speak I will be getting back to some serious base training 🙂

Heres a few things that help me when I am returning to base training again after a marathon:

Allow yourself to recover from the previous race, as we always run harder on race day and often feel great afterwards which makes us think the day after is an absolutely perfect time to go for an 8 mile run!!!

Re-fuel and and keep up running in the 2-3 weeks after your race, you don’t want to let all the hard training go to wast, but ease up on the milage and give yourself ample time to recover and start building back up slowly.

Use the lower milage running, to work on other areas of the body and build up over all strength. I like to focus on some yoga and core work along with more weights during this time, as its stuff that I limit a little bit when I am hard core training. 

Tell yourself out loud that all the previous base training is still there and not to freak out about having lost it during the recovery period.

Set a goal, a race, within the coming months to keep you on track.

Don’t forget to stretch, stretch, stretch:)

If you find getting up in the morning to fit in a long run too time consuming or tough, do a shorter run and just run twice (they recommend it in ultra running training!) Use the longer evenings to run again, I use it to take time to run with my beau!!while still having the morning run just for myself.

Build up gradually and set realistic goals.

I know my body well, know yours and your limits too. 

Find what works for you.

If you have an injury let yourself recover, the stuff mentioned in this article is my personal experience and advice.

I thankfully don’t suffer from too many injuries so I cannot really contest to recovery time when you sustain particular ones. I can only reinforce that you need to respect and know your body’s limits, but don’t be too limited by your body (if that makes sense!!)

Use the spring to try out some new foods that are in season and new ways to fuel. (I will have a few recipes to follow this article k:) )

Be well and happy running.


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