Shipping up to Boston ; Dedicating my miles this week to Boston.

I will not being writing a huge amount on this during this post, as there are so many feelings and thoughts and news and questions with no answers and whys and hows to be dealt with, that my opinion is not important at a time like this I feel.

I will however be dedicating the rest of miles this week to the victims of the Boston Marathon and all who were and are still involved in it.

I would also like to bring to light the winners of the race yesterday, while all the first responders and people who gave unconditional help and support are the winners of yesterday and that now what boston must endure is one giant and long race. There were 2 people who crossed that finish line yesterday and claimed victory and reached personal running goals.

First over the line was Lelisa Desisa who won the mens, crossing the line in 2 hours 10;22 and for the women victory went to Rita Jeptoo who finished in 2 hours 26;25. Congratulations to them.

Thoughts are with Boston.


Run into the sun

Depending on where you are in the world you may experience a good few months of dealing with heat while running, some other areas may experience the opposite but thats for another post!

Here are some tips that I have accumulated and learned from running in the sun and heat.

1. Check the weather in the actual area where you are going to run, not  just a general area of your location. I have often left the house in fog and rain and arrived through golden gate park in basking sunshine, no sun screen = sun/wind burn!

2. Wear sun screen, an appropriate factor I wear 70 but being from Ireland I am blessed with pale easily sunburnt skin. So factor in that- pun intended!

3. Wear a brim cap t keep the sun off

4. Don’t forget about the lips, wear spf lip balm. We sweat alot when running and then re-dry wit the heat and thats when we get sunburnt lips, blisters etc.

5. Sun glasses, I would advise investing in a pair of sports specific running shades, eyes are very important when running!! And it really is uncomfortable if you have to squint for 20 miles.

6. Wear wicking breathable clothing thats dries quick, some shorts tops etc are now spf too, so maybe look for them.

7. Black attracts the heat so don’t wear too much of it, personal choice but it is true.

8. Drink what you need, stay hydrated, but don’t drown yourself in water! I always find that if I know its going to be hot, I will hydrate well, before I run, this tip is kinda for long runs as I don’t drink alot on shorter runs, but find what works for you. Hydrate in the heat.

9. Be prepared, and do research. If you live in San Francisco or a place with 3 different seasons in one day sometimes, you just have to be prepared. Do your best to be prepared for the heat. I pride myself in being OVER- prepared for everything 😉

10. The final tip I have will not be for everyone. If you are like me and really DO NOT like running in the heat –  DON’T RUN IN THE SUN. I sometimes have to get up early early to avoid the hot temps and so be it if it means I rise at 4am sooner than struggling a 20 miler in the heat then so be it. Run for your body type and run when you feel comfortable, more than 80 degrees and I do not enjoy a long run. 

SO be prepared always, have the right gear and use it right and most of all enjoy yourslef in the sun.

This post is dedicated to everyone who was involved in the Boston Marathon yesterday, the victims who lost thsir lives and are fighting for theirs, family, first responders, runners, supporters, public, police etc, my thoughts are with everyone. I hope that Boston and runners every where can band together and support and make sure that we continue running, and that everyone can come out the other side of this, stronger.