The night before…

Here are some tips for the night before your big race;

1. Set up all your gear and lay it out so its ready to go and you can clearly see if your missing something

2. Check that your watch is fully charged and ready to go, if it needs charging or batteries etc.

3. Eat well and normal during the day before, don’t try to over carbo load, theres really no need, just eat til your full and eat little and often the day before. There is no need to eat yourself sick with pasta. TOO much over loading can result in alot of OFF loading come race morning.

4. Stay hydrated, but do not drown yourself with water, so to speak, drink often but no need to exaggerate this motion either.

5. Avoid alcohol

6. Don’t try new foods or drinks the day before, stick with what has been tried and tested for you… by you.

7. Trim toenails

8. I would avoid a massage the day before, just try and loosen up and stay rested. Don’t be on your feet standing for too long.

9. Although excitement may set in the night before try and get to bed early, even if you cant fall asleep, lying down is still preserving energy and resting.

10. Set 2 alarms

11. Look over the course one last time and be familiar with how to get to start etc.

12. Check the weather one last time and judge what you need to wear or take, taking into account the time you estimate to finish at. 

I like to attach my bib the night before and my timing chip, if I have them already. I also pack everything and fill everything and try it all on to make sure it fits well and change anything I need to. BUT I am a perfectionist, everyone finds their own little ways to do things. These are just a few tips I though may help you in your prep.


Happy running and good luck in all the races.


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