So heres a brief recap of sfm 2013, whats a year as an ambassador, what great people, experiences and what a race day. The expo was great meeting all my fellow ambassadors and revelling in the excitement that was 25,000 other people preparing to run SFM. It was just wonderful.

As for the race, I didn’t get a PR but it is a hilly course so I was happy with 4;26. The weather was amazing, the bridge, beautiful and somehow it seemed less crowded than last year, maybe its cuz I was running faster.

I met a very global group out on the course, some kiwis, a few germans, a french woman, a fellow Irish man, whom you may have seen on your run, he was MARATHON MAN. He was in full superman foam attire he must have been roasting inside that suit. Well done.

The course itself was beautiful as usual and the only way to see the city in my opinion sunny skies all the way to the finish. Thanks to all the volunteers the unsung heros of the day and all the extra security that SFM and SF city put out to keep us safe in the wake of Boston. And also it was so great to see so my Boston supporters and runners out there, this weekend, there were all over the place.

The supporters were, as always, the best and it was great to see Lark out on her wee bike following the course. I saw you a few times, thanks for the cheers ad supports.

And thanks to all the ambassadors I meeted and greeted over the weekend and out on the course and well done.

It was the perfect finish to a wonderful whirlwind year of ambassadorship with SFM, thanks to everyone who made it so wonderful. I hope to do it all over again next July and see everyone soon again.







3 thoughts on “SFM 2013-DONE AND DONE

  1. Good Job Janey, we are all so proud of you and what you have accomplished this year, can’t wait to see what is next for ya! Cheers!!!

  2. That my girl as always you have done yourself and everyone else proud congratulations again to you everyone connected with the SFM roll on next year and God bless everyone and keep ye safe

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