I’m a Fitmark brand ambassador

ambassador-2.pngSo I have been chosen to be a brand ambassador for ‘Fitmark’ – a company that create sports bags that embody both fitness and fashion. Their bags are so versatile and durable and can be used from the gym to the office to the plane, to trekking adventures, you name it they make it AND their stuff lasts. I mean how many gym bags or yoga bags etc have you gone through that have called it a day due to thread wear, suprize rips and holes???

Well not with Fitmark bags, they are built to last and pride themselves on filling the void that exists between fashionable, high performance athletes and their bags. Whether at the gym or on the town, their exclusive global bag and luggage brand fills this void.

Their mission statement:  “With a Fitmark bag, you’ve joined an elite group of athletes who believe that looking and feeling good transcends all else. A group that lives in the place where fashion and fitness intersect. A group at the top of their game. Our mission is your mission: looking great, feeling vibrant, and fulfilling your highest potential”

And so my ambassador jouney continues what wonderful opportunities I have been blessed with. So what does this mean??? Well I will have a published article on the Fitmark website monthly and will have my blogs featured…Hooray!!! I get to promote this wonderful company and more importantly FITMARK’S mission is far more encompassing…

As an ambassador I join a group of athletes across the globe coming together to promote health, fitness, style, and success. Our ultimate goal is to educate and to engage within a brand that cares and respects your values. Promoting fitness, health and leading a fulfilling healthy life and reaching your goals are what my entries will be about. Its not just about bags its about a lifestyle choice.


Follow me online and join the Fitmark revolution!!

Like them on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/fitmarkbags?fref=ts

And check out my first article…


Stay happy stay healthy stay fit:)


One thought on “I’m a Fitmark brand ambassador

  1. Well done Janey and good luck with the Ambassadorship I know you will be
    brilliant Fitmark are so lucky to have you on board

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