Convinced someone to buy their first pair of SKORA’S

So after strutting my stuff in the SKORA core’s at work today, one of the girls was like ‘OMG where did you get those shoes they look so comfy and durable’….insert here…me yaking on about how amazing they are….and she quickly jots down the website and then calls me later to say she’s ordered them and there on their way. HOORAY…for SKORA.

Some initial feedback on what drew her to my shoes;

Cute colour-sometimes it is important to look cute

Soft material-yes she felt my foot,

Fitted like a glove-YES I let her try them on…..hey I was making a sale here…

The sole looked so supported yet minimal- I said yes its about feeling and running real.

Laces were long-she said she can never get long enough laces-who knew..

And lastly she loved that while she’s not a huge runner she does try to fit in some cardio and running on her way home, like 3 mile or so, from work and she said its great she will be able to just run out the door. No need for changing this and that etc.

She works long hours on her feet and is so excited to get these on her.

So marketing team great job SKORAS are sold before there even on your foot.heeheehee.

So there ya go.


Happy running everyone



PB2-Bell plantation

I just have to share with you my knowledge and experience of PB2 powdered peanut butter. Now I know your thinking what, powdered peanut butter no thank you, but I am telling you this stuff is amazing and very versatile.

So not only does it taste yummy, just as good as regular peanut butter but it is soooo easy to make and use. As it is in powder form you just add water to get the consistency you want, or you can just pop it in your protein shake and it gives the same boost and taste as a spoonful of peanut butter.

But probably the best and most refreshing thing about PB2 is it only has 45 calories per 2 tbsp as opposed to the regular 180-200 calories in regular. So from a runners point of view and for those of us that are watching our calorie intake and fueling for the ideal race weight, or just for people who looove peanut butter….this is definitely worth a try. You could definitely maintain  a healthy weight by substituting reg PNB for PB2. 

I mean I love PNB whether in regular form or powdered but I do consume quite a bit of it and def feel that substituting with PB2 is a wise choice for me. My fav use for it is popping it in my protein shake and using it in place of PNB when baking cookies etc.

And if you consume as much PNB as I do this is gona be a godsend….

Heres the info you need to know;


2 Tbsp:
190 calories

Calories from fat:

Saturated fat:
3 grams


2 Tbsp:
45 calories

Calories from fat:

Saturated fat:
0 grams

Give it a try, it might not be for everyone and I too was skeptical but if ya don’t try you will never know.