Back from my blog sabbatical….hooray…

Hi everyone,

Well what a whirl wind the last few months have been, with a wedding, visitors and trying to balance training it proved all too much for blogging aswell but as I wind down I am finding more time to jott a few bits n bobs down and want to update you on my new endeavors.

Well I def can offer some advice on trying to plan a wedding, balance life and fit in running without tormenting yourself and being too tough on yourself. Yes I missed 3 weeks of long running-but I still managed to average a 45 mile week each week even without the long run. I just had to accept that during those few weeks there actually WASN’T enough time to and enough hours in the day, sadly.

The recovery time was a welcomed forced relaxation, which I think many runners never really take unless forced to and I am trying to focus on the positives of my break and acknowledge that my body prob needed time to rebuild and recover.

But this week will see me back in action and back on my game. And to commemorate my newly wed status and leap back into hardcore ultra training, I signed up for another 50km ultra on Nov 9th that will take me to Lake Chabot, ca and of course less than a month to that day on Dec 7th I will conquer the North Face Endurance 50km in SF. 

And with all that being said I am trying to figure out my next next move after all that, 50 miler in 2014 is my goal but which one I am toying with rocky racoon….any advice or race ideas welcome, I feel a destination race is on the cards.

I conclusion some tips from a hectic few weeks;

Accept some days you may not be able to fit it in

Prioritize the important things that need to be done; in some cases I figured out running came…need I say…for the first time….it came in 2nd place…ahhhhhh it was a strange realization, but one that needed to be realized when planning a wedding

Get up early 

Go to bed early, these tips are not for everyone but I found it worked quite well.

Eat healthy.

Realize and believe that conditioning isn’t lost in a few days or even a few weeks, have faith in your strength and your bodies ability to adjust and bounce back.

Set a new goal focus on that and begin working hard again…

Happy trails and running my friends.

Heres a pic of a not sweaty me….usually all my blog pics are very sweaty looking ones.







One thought on “Back from my blog sabbatical….hooray…

  1. Congrats on adding the Nov 9th 50k Ultra, great goals as always and even better advice. You were a stunningly beautiful bride, but remain stunning even sweaty. Good luck and best wishes from us. When you need support – we are here to help.

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