Night moves……running in the dark.

With the impending time change and morning wake up runs dark again and evening after work runs, even darker, its important to be safe and recognize that danger does exist both during the day and night but it can be more prevalent when dark.
I am gona cover some tips and safety issues and some things I have learned.

I primarily run early in the morning 5am, and yesterdays morning run took me back to my leggins, I know….old friends its been a while like 10 months, heeheehee. So wrap up and invest in some gear that has built in reflectors, its really handy and alot of running shoes come with that now.

Also you need a good head torch and maybe even a waist one too I see alot of people with those. They appear very effective.

Always make sure someone knows where your gone, your route and what time your gona be back at, jot it down on a pad and leave it for your hubby, wife, roommate, mum granny whatever.

Run with a phone. I mean its a personal choice and I would be lying if I said I did, all the time, especially when its day light. I mean I SHOULD…but sometimes its just nice to get away from it all, but safety wise we should all, when its dark have a ‘phone home’…if you will.

I run with a hand held pepper spray, a whistle and a pen knife. Like I said I run early, its dark and I run in a fairly quite location where theres not alot of residential homes etc for a few mile, but I gotta run when I can so I make sure I am safe. 

Run if you can in a residential or lit up area, its not always gona work out but if you cam…DO.

If possible run with someone, once again a personal choice. I know I am somewhat of a lone wolf….heeheehee and enjoy the quite time to just….run…but sometimes I think I would feel alot safer with someone…so its just a thought for everyone. Pass on the fitness friends.

Know your area, especially if your on holidays or visiting someone. I got completely lost in San Diego at night before, out running a quick 6 miler, quickly turned into 9 and I was fecking miles away from the hotel and freaking out, with no phone…classic mistakes that I have since learned from…so in conclusion research a route before running.

Don’t post on the internet, facebook etc your whereabouts, be clever be grown up do not let complete strangers know your runnig route time you are gona be out of your house etc.

Always play it safe, alot of rapes, injuries, kidnaps and beatings that have occured at least where I live, could all have possibly been avoided by all of the above or at least a few.


And watch out for wildlife know how to deal with certain animals, we have alot of coyotes on the area where I run in the bay area and they can be a bit frightening so know how to deal with them.


Happy safe running this Autumn and Winter seasons, enjoy the changes in the scenery and wrapping up. Sign up for a winter race, there hard core and that makes you hard core. I got two 50kms one in Nov and one in Dec. So be adventurous… seen and be at all times…safe.







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