Lake Chabot 50km ultra recap – overdue but finally getting around to it!

So I am finally getting around to recapping the Lake Chabot 50km ultra that I raced in on Nov 9th. I figured I better recap it soon before the NF Ultra in 2 weeks actually less than 2 weeks.

So the weather was lovely race morning, then it got into the late 70’s around 11am which proved a bit of a challenge for me as I wouldn’t be the best ‘heat runner’ but I trucked on and dealt with it overall really well. So I was very proud of myself for that.

The First 2 loops were grand, bringing me to the marathon mark and I felt fresh starting my final loop, however the last loop had alot of unforgiving uphill so it was definitely a challenge and I worked for it all the way to the finish line glory. I was tired, honestly the heat was starting to get to me, I finished in a time of 6 hours 16 minutes, and while there were still marathoners finishing way after the 7 hour mark, when we were actually leaving to get in the car, EVERY ULTRA RUNNER was done pretty much.

I mean what an unbelievably fast bunch and I was one of them. Just to put it in perspective I finished 4th in my age group and in order to have placed even 3rd, I would have had to have ran my race a full 46 minutes FASTER…WTF. I have alot more work to do.

I feel so honoured to have ran with all of them and joined the ranks of really amazing elite athletes and endurance runners. To run with individuals like that really boosted my confidence and I learned so much and also kinda couldn’t believe I was able to keep up with them. I mean at one stage I had another girl and 2 guys actually drafting behind me, they asked if it was ok and I said ‘yeh’ as I actually hadn’t seen anyone for prob an hour so I was glad of some company! They were thanking me for such a steady pace, they were running the marathon, and they complimented me on my pace, consistency and my legs!!!

I mean I train hard, thats no secret and I’m dedicated, but I guess I sometimes forget and doubt my ability and I was nervous race morning, even though Paul was like ‘Ru you got this its gona be no bother to you’ and he was right. I guess sometimes other people see in you what your striving to achieve, and you don’t even know you’ve achieved it all along. So thank god I had someone to tell me…!

I mean I know all the running 101 tips and rules etc, but I still toed the start line on Nov 9th after already running 38 mile that week, which was so stupid and it caused me not to finish as strong as I would have liked. So I am going to be alot more disciplined for the North face Endurance on dec 7th. I did my last back to back long run last fri/sat and I am gona put in a nice steady week this week and then enjoy a relaxing taper week of the race. Its tough though your mind plays tricks on you..but back to Lake Chabot.

I finished happy, and not too drained and Al and Tiff suprised me by coming out to see me finish which was sooooo amazing and of course my darling husband who never misses a start or a finish or a beat!!!heehee. He snapped loads of finish line shots which I will get up online this week.

Overall the race was great, location was challenging but beautiful. I feel ready to go get NF on Dec 7th. Heres THE BLING.


Coastal trails as always had an amazing spread at each aid station with more than enough food, drink, snacks, fuel and friendly faces to urge you on through to the finish. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers.


Happy trails and Happy thanksgiving.