Running for two…..

Well much anticipated news but I am now currently running for…….two:) yep I am carrying a tiny little ultra runner inside.

its very exciting and I am thankfully not sick in any way at all, so I’m still running away and enjoying it. It is definitely an adjustment realizing I have to slow down a little bit and obviously my millage is not as it were when ultra training but I am still managing 35-40 mile a week which is great!!!

And it’s actually really nice just running for the love of running and going as far as I feel comfortable and as long as I want.

I’m sure every distance runner can relate that when your training you become somewhat of a slave to back to back runs long run meeting a certain milage each week etc, so it’s really nice to get back to basics.

All the toilet stops can be a pain but im really enjoying staying fit and running through my pregnancy.

First race with baby on board is a st paddys day Half marathon on march 16-it has been a couple years since I ran a half so I’m excited for it.

I will be updating my pregnancy running as I progress along with pics:)

happy trails.xx


Back from my sabattical!!! North face endurance 50km recap

Well better late than never, sooo much has been going on I am only getting bag in the blogging game now. Happy new year to everyone and hope all your new year goals are in full swing.

Well on Dec 7th 2013 I ran the North face endurance 50km ultra in 5 degree celius weather. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I braved it like so many others in long sleeves and yes…shorts!!


Unfortunately the ol down vest did not accompany me on my journey;( As you would expect from any NF race it was meticulously planned and marked out and absolutely relentless, not for the faint hearted or for the odd few who didn’t put in any training and decided they’d give it a go. I mean at the beginning Dean Karnazes said “and how many people are running their forst ultra today”???, two hands went up!!!So judge from that.

The elevation was over total 7800ft and it never stopped all the way to the finish. I had an absolute blast and came in over the finish line in 7 hours. I met some amazing faces along the way and got alot of love, as always on the trails from my fellow ultra runners. I am always so amazed at the camaraderie and once again at what my body can do. When I was finished I was freezing omg I never took my gloves off at all entire race.

I got to see and get a good luck from Dean Karnazes…wuhooo hes shorter than I always thought!!!heheehee


The terrain was tough the distance was tough the elevation was ALWAYS THERE is the only way to put it, and at the finish line was as always my adoring husband and biggest supporter and Matt, Jess and the kids my tiny supporters. What a race, what an accomplishment and what news I have for you next.



Happy as always!!!

Check out my next blog to find out my next big endurance event!!!…..


Happy trails everyone.xxxxx