Running for two…..

Well much anticipated news but I am now currently running for…….two:) yep I am carrying a tiny little ultra runner inside.

its very exciting and I am thankfully not sick in any way at all, so I’m still running away and enjoying it. It is definitely an adjustment realizing I have to slow down a little bit and obviously my millage is not as it were when ultra training but I am still managing 35-40 mile a week which is great!!!

And it’s actually really nice just running for the love of running and going as far as I feel comfortable and as long as I want.

I’m sure every distance runner can relate that when your training you become somewhat of a slave to back to back runs long run meeting a certain milage each week etc, so it’s really nice to get back to basics.

All the toilet stops can be a pain but im really enjoying staying fit and running through my pregnancy.

First race with baby on board is a st paddys day Half marathon on march 16-it has been a couple years since I ran a half so I’m excited for it.

I will be updating my pregnancy running as I progress along with pics:)

happy trails.xx


2 thoughts on “Running for two…..

  1. I am so excited to meet that tiny little ultra runner! He/She will be a savage just like his/her mommy! Congrats to you and Paul, you’re gonna be the best set of parents any kid could hope for. xo

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