Long evenings are a coming…..

So with the clocks going forward this Sunday for us here in the states it’s time to make the most of “the stretch in the evenings:)” and the extra day light. I am still a morning runner and out the door before 530am but in the spring I like to take up something else too in the evening.
Even a walk on the beach or second run or cycle can be so refreshing. I know it’s hard to fit in even one training session never mind two in a day but it can be more motivating now it’s not dark after work.

Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up to fit workouts in once maybe twice when the evenings get longer:

Try something new every now and then it keeps you interested and connected .

Mix it up with a class or new activity.

Go in the evenings with a friend,partner,husband,wife etc make it a date.

Plan out your workouts at beginning of the week

Maybe plan every second day to have a lie in and work out in the evening instead.

Maybe give up the gym treadmill for all the beauty of a run outside and all the benefits of being in the outdoors.

Leave your gear out so as soon as you get home you don’t have time to change your mind:)

Treat yourself to a something new to wear for the spring look great feel great.

Sign up for a race/event

But most of all enjoy embracing the outdoors being fit and leading a healthy life for longer each day:)


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