St patricks weekend half marathon at 13 weeks


During at paddys weekend Paul and I ran a half marathon in Los gatos, it was great and at 13 weeks we still managed 2:15 which was great. The biggest issue for me was needing to go to the toilet or at least feeling like I needed to!!!!
The course was beautiful but lacked any kind of proper toilets along after mile 3 which was a big ol sad face for me!!!but I made do!!!

Apart from the toilet breaks I felt a little slower than I usually would for race day but that’s to be expected:) but being back in the racing scene was soooo amazing, it’s one of the things I love about running us the race morning feeling and since the north face ultra in dec I hadn’t felt it.

My partner in crime was the best and kept me motivated and kept an eye on me that I didn’t over do it-thank you baby:)xx

Tips for pregnant runners in first trimester:
Be prepared to have to pee and feel like you need to pee pretty much entire race

Be mindful of your body temp don’t overheat.

Hydrate loads drink drink drink

Eat a good brekkie

Show off your bump if ya have one!!!

Enjoy and revel in your achievement

More races to come!!!happy trails.xx