Point Pinole half marathon at 20weeks

My little companion and I ran a half marathon in Richmond Ca on Sat May 3rd. It went great, it was mainly on trails and I definitely move a lot slower up the hills these days!!!:) but we managed 2:36 which was v respectable. I drank a lot of water is the first big difference and I felt the extra bit of weight this time that I hadn’t before but we took our time hydrated well and I wasn’t overly hungry throughout the race at all just one lil bar was needed and that was it.

But oh the toilet stops:(:( my goodness I probably added an extra 6-7 minutes for toilet stops, it’s so crazy. I mean during the north face ultra over 32 mile I stopped to pee…..ONCE!!!haha but apart from that I found it a breeze.

Staying fit has been fairly easy for me as I started this pregnancy out very fit so maintaining it has proved not too much of a challenge.

I have slowed down and that’s hard to accept sometimes, but I feel fantastic and I am over 6 months pregnant as I write this and I am still running daily and maintaining a consistent exercise regime incorporating yoga, hiking and swimming too and managing 30ish miles running a week.

I definitely stretch a lot more and spend special time just on that, as my body is doing a tonne of behind the scenes work stretching and making a nice home for my beautiful daughter:) So I need to look after it all!!

I really cherish my runs these days and the quite time. I talk to baby Layla Rose on my runs she’s so good doesn’t give me any trouble!!and I cannot wait til I’m pushing her in person and taking her on my runs. It will be just like ol’ times except she will be on the outside.

Tips for other pregnant runners:
Hydrate hydrate hydrate,

Invest in a support belt (I almost need one now) I have the Gabriella band,
Get plenty of rest:)

Pee when you need to-holding it in will only prolong the pain!!!

Stretch stretch stretch

Use foam roller and heat for back/hip pains

As the months roll in, I run closer to home, you know map out like 2,3,4,5 mile circle and just run that over and over so your close to home always if you need to get back.

Watch your footing, balance is a wee bit off these days so flat surfaces running can be a blessing:)

Always tell someone where you are going (that’s a non pregnant rule too) esp if you run early in the morn like me I still run at 5am:)

Invest in a good supportive sports bra (moving comfort had a wonderful line that can double as a nursing bra afterwards)

And if course purchase a cute preggo running top like the one I’m sporting from For Two fitness

Happy trails:)xxx




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