35.5 weeks pregnant and still running…,

It’s been a hectic few months so sabbatical on the blog front but I figured I should update my running antics with my little darling on board.

Well I am still running managing 5 days a week for sure and still listening to my body. I usually manage 4 mile on average but some days are faster longer and more energized and some are slower and tougher. But whats never in doubt is that I’m doing it- whatever I can I’m out rocking my bump, running for two and feeling amazing and doing what my body can.

I’ve not had any aches or pains my entire pregnancy and feel so blessed to be feeling so wonderful and still able to run:) I ran the Summer breeze 10km at 33 weeks and felt great. It was sooooo lovely to be at a race, I really miss the race scene so I loved it. And got a lot of love n support on the course.

I run with the Gabriella support band for any other pregnant runners out there and I attribute my ability to still maintain 4-6 mile runs at this stage to the belt. It’s great I mean it doesn’t cure the having to pee every mile or at least the urge to pee but it is very supportive and comfy.

Thankfully as an ambassador, “for two fitness” has kept me comfy and cute in their tanks. And I never bought maternity shorts I still wear my regular ones,just below my bump;)

Yoga has helped a lot too and all the stretching, to keep me pain and injury free, drinking lots or water and eating healthy. Combined, it has all made being pregnant a wonderful and amazing experience for me. I am getting very excited well we both are!!!-to meet are little girl who could arrive any time now.
I’m running a route closer to home in the mornings as I still do my 5:15am runs,with my phone on me at all times-of course and some runs I do on the treadmill, I really hate treadmill running but sometimes it’s a safer option at this stage of the game.

I am busy stocking up the freezer with meals and provisions, fitting in my runs, while still working and striving to be a healthy mom to be, and healthy happy wife.
I can’t thank my husband enough for being the best and supporting my fitness goals and my running through our pregnancy. He’s my #1 fan:)

Will keep ye updated on the bump and I have a good few more mornings left in me yet!!!!

Happy safe trails:)xxx