Back from my blog sabbatical….hooray…

Hi everyone,

Well what a whirl wind the last few months have been, with a wedding, visitors and trying to balance training it proved all too much for blogging aswell but as I wind down I am finding more time to jott a few bits n bobs down and want to update you on my new endeavors.

Well I def can offer some advice on trying to plan a wedding, balance life and fit in running without tormenting yourself and being too tough on yourself. Yes I missed 3 weeks of long running-but I still managed to average a 45 mile week each week even without the long run. I just had to accept that during those few weeks there actually WASN’T enough time to and enough hours in the day, sadly.

The recovery time was a welcomed forced relaxation, which I think many runners never really take unless forced to and I am trying to focus on the positives of my break and acknowledge that my body prob needed time to rebuild and recover.

But this week will see me back in action and back on my game. And to commemorate my newly wed status and leap back into hardcore ultra training, I signed up for another 50km ultra on Nov 9th that will take me to Lake Chabot, ca and of course less than a month to that day on Dec 7th I will conquer the North Face Endurance 50km in SF. 

And with all that being said I am trying to figure out my next next move after all that, 50 miler in 2014 is my goal but which one I am toying with rocky racoon….any advice or race ideas welcome, I feel a destination race is on the cards.

I conclusion some tips from a hectic few weeks;

Accept some days you may not be able to fit it in

Prioritize the important things that need to be done; in some cases I figured out running came…need I say…for the first time….it came in 2nd place…ahhhhhh it was a strange realization, but one that needed to be realized when planning a wedding

Get up early 

Go to bed early, these tips are not for everyone but I found it worked quite well.

Eat healthy.

Realize and believe that conditioning isn’t lost in a few days or even a few weeks, have faith in your strength and your bodies ability to adjust and bounce back.

Set a new goal focus on that and begin working hard again…

Happy trails and running my friends.

Heres a pic of a not sweaty me….usually all my blog pics are very sweaty looking ones.






Convinced someone to buy their first pair of SKORA’S

So after strutting my stuff in the SKORA core’s at work today, one of the girls was like ‘OMG where did you get those shoes they look so comfy and durable’….insert here…me yaking on about how amazing they are….and she quickly jots down the website and then calls me later to say she’s ordered them and there on their way. HOORAY…for SKORA.

Some initial feedback on what drew her to my shoes;

Cute colour-sometimes it is important to look cute

Soft material-yes she felt my foot,

Fitted like a glove-YES I let her try them on…..hey I was making a sale here…

The sole looked so supported yet minimal- I said yes its about feeling and running real.

Laces were long-she said she can never get long enough laces-who knew..

And lastly she loved that while she’s not a huge runner she does try to fit in some cardio and running on her way home, like 3 mile or so, from work and she said its great she will be able to just run out the door. No need for changing this and that etc.

She works long hours on her feet and is so excited to get these on her.

So marketing team great job SKORAS are sold before there even on your foot.heeheehee.

So there ya go.


Happy running everyone


PB2-Bell plantation

I just have to share with you my knowledge and experience of PB2 powdered peanut butter. Now I know your thinking what, powdered peanut butter no thank you, but I am telling you this stuff is amazing and very versatile.

So not only does it taste yummy, just as good as regular peanut butter but it is soooo easy to make and use. As it is in powder form you just add water to get the consistency you want, or you can just pop it in your protein shake and it gives the same boost and taste as a spoonful of peanut butter.

But probably the best and most refreshing thing about PB2 is it only has 45 calories per 2 tbsp as opposed to the regular 180-200 calories in regular. So from a runners point of view and for those of us that are watching our calorie intake and fueling for the ideal race weight, or just for people who looove peanut butter….this is definitely worth a try. You could definitely maintain  a healthy weight by substituting reg PNB for PB2. 

I mean I love PNB whether in regular form or powdered but I do consume quite a bit of it and def feel that substituting with PB2 is a wise choice for me. My fav use for it is popping it in my protein shake and using it in place of PNB when baking cookies etc.

And if you consume as much PNB as I do this is gona be a godsend….

Heres the info you need to know;


2 Tbsp:
190 calories

Calories from fat:

Saturated fat:
3 grams


2 Tbsp:
45 calories

Calories from fat:

Saturated fat:
0 grams

Give it a try, it might not be for everyone and I too was skeptical but if ya don’t try you will never know.



I am soooo excited to announce that I have been chosen by SKORA to be an ambassador for their running shoes and company. This is very exciting and I am first of all so thankful to be a part of such an innovative company that is sparking huge forward movement in the natural running shoe industry and running in general.

I cannot wait to receive my new SKORA base running shoes and trail blaze up a storm in them. I will be most excited to parade them around at my next race. I am a small town gal making it BIG in life and BIG in the field of running. Thanks to SKORA for recognizing my talent and dedication and effort in the running world. I am so excited to represent such a fab company and spread the good word and continue my mission to encourage others to be fit and healthy.

So what is SKORA all about…well SKORA are a Portland, OR based company driven by the philosophy that running should be about running real, the way ‘your’ form means you to, and not the way the running shoe world suspects you should. Its about being true to yourself and running the way you were intended to. After all aren’t we all looking for something real in life.

”SKORA revolves around design, materials and functionality, and does not compromise when it comes to any of these elements. SKORA restores movement to its most natural form: Yours.”

I urge you to check out

And learn more about their selection of shoes and find the right fit you. SKORA are not minimalist running shoes nor are they about that, but I can tell you they are REAL running shoes and as company they are keeping it VERY REAL!!

My bio etc should be up online very soon will keep you all posted on my SKORA adventures.

Happy running and RUN REAL-RUN SKORA.


Golden Gate Coastal Trail Marathon-Sunday July 14th 2013


So last Sunday I ran the GG trail marathon in the Marin headlands. It was a beautiful course taking in spectacular views and gaining an overall elevation of 4’840 feet in the marathon course. It was a tough course with alot of climbing for the first 6 miles really including yes…steps and stairs. And seeing that it was the same loop twice at least I knew what to expect from the half way mark onwards. It was definitely a race that made you work for it the whole way through.


I guess what I didn’t expect was to place 3rd in my age group, what a wonderful surprise and I crossed the finish line in 5;02. The race was impeccably produced from start to finish the aid stations were stocked with not only real food and yummy treats but friendly and supportive people cheering everyone on.  It was definitely chillier than I had expected but  a great day and race. I will definitely be running more races with costal trails they were just superb. The course was clearly marked and the people running were just great I chatted with some people along the way and afterwards learned some new things but most of all this gave me the boost I needed to feel prepared for The North Face Endurance ultra in Dec and maybe ARC50 mile in april 2014…the world is my oyster who knows where I will end up running next, but I feel like nothing can stop me now.

I always get a lot of love out on the courses cuz of my hair ya know, everyone remembers me, so thanks to everyone who was giving me compliments along the way, heehee. And I also give alot of love too. Congrats everyone who finished in each distance on Sunday.


Thanks to my wonderful supporters Paul – who never misses a finish line, and Desi, and for everyone who made Sundays race such a great experience for me.

Happy safe trails everyone.



Destination Dusseldorf…well maybe…

So I found out last week that I won a free entry to the Dusseldorf Marathon in April 2014, which is very exciting and whether I will be able to attend is still up in the air at the mo. But it got me thinking to destination marathons and how to decide on one and what you would need to know.

So I guess firstly would be where would you want to run, what country…and then deciding if it is feasible to get there. With me being from Ireland, Germanys really only over the road so I could hop over there for the race and take in a holiday to Ireland too. So it is definitely a possibility.

So for people thinking of a destination marathon/race, heres what I have compiled that I think are important things to factor in;

Cost..overall cost, including flights, accomodation, entry etc.

How easy is it to get to, 4 hour flight Vs 10 hours or more – recovery time.

Discovering a little bit about the country; is there a language barrier, is there conflict there at the moment, obstacles in entry – visas and all that.

Location of the race-major town or country side.

Distance from port of entry.

Temperature at time of race – think equipment.

Food, we are so used to fueling a certain way, different countries have obviously different types of food and brands so think of experimenting with local types of food before you get there. I mean its easy if its Italy- pasta/pizza 😉

How many people are in it hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands,

Is it out and back or road terrain.

Beating jet lag, arriving a bit before the race a day or 2 to get over jet lag or drive lag…

So I will keep you all posted on what I decide, check out dusseldorf marathon if your looking for a small and cool race, both temp wise and people wise, germanys a great country to visit, plus beer gardens at the finish and plenty of sausages 😉 heeheehee.

And you know what you would need for your trip…thats right….a NEW DURABLE BAG…that works as hard as you do.

So check out

Perhaps the






I’m a Fitmark brand ambassador

ambassador-2.pngSo I have been chosen to be a brand ambassador for ‘Fitmark’ – a company that create sports bags that embody both fitness and fashion. Their bags are so versatile and durable and can be used from the gym to the office to the plane, to trekking adventures, you name it they make it AND their stuff lasts. I mean how many gym bags or yoga bags etc have you gone through that have called it a day due to thread wear, suprize rips and holes???

Well not with Fitmark bags, they are built to last and pride themselves on filling the void that exists between fashionable, high performance athletes and their bags. Whether at the gym or on the town, their exclusive global bag and luggage brand fills this void.

Their mission statement:  “With a Fitmark bag, you’ve joined an elite group of athletes who believe that looking and feeling good transcends all else. A group that lives in the place where fashion and fitness intersect. A group at the top of their game. Our mission is your mission: looking great, feeling vibrant, and fulfilling your highest potential”

And so my ambassador jouney continues what wonderful opportunities I have been blessed with. So what does this mean??? Well I will have a published article on the Fitmark website monthly and will have my blogs featured…Hooray!!! I get to promote this wonderful company and more importantly FITMARK’S mission is far more encompassing…

As an ambassador I join a group of athletes across the globe coming together to promote health, fitness, style, and success. Our ultimate goal is to educate and to engage within a brand that cares and respects your values. Promoting fitness, health and leading a fulfilling healthy life and reaching your goals are what my entries will be about. Its not just about bags its about a lifestyle choice.


Follow me online and join the Fitmark revolution!!

Like them on facebook:

And check out my first article…

Stay happy stay healthy stay fit:)

Energy bread recipe

So I love to bake and try all kinds of new recipes and what I love even more is finding new ways to fuel that deviate from the regular energy bars, chocolate milk etc. And also I am a huge advocate of homemade…well just about everything.

So I came up with a wonderful new energy bread that I have put to the test as a post run/workout recovery eat. A friend of mine had been swimming and running the day we tried it out and loved it and said it refueled him quick and efficiently. So here it is give it a try.

I call it; Arán álainn……..which is prounced ‘arghh-on-all-in. Happy eating everyone. And for anyone interested, in Gaeilge it means ‘lovely bread’.xxx


1 and 1/2 cups wholeweat flour

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup wheatgerm

1/4 cup flaxseed

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda,

pinch of salt

2 ripe bananas

2 eggs

1/2 cup apple sauce

1/2 tbsp canola oil/melted non fat butter

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup tropicana 50 orange juice

Handful of raisins and chopped dried apricots

Non fat Milk – As much non fat milk as it takes to make your mixture wet and sticky, it will vary depending on what type of oats you use etc, so just add it slowly, mix it and slowly pour in again until you have achieved a wet mix.

So very quick instructions;

  1. Add all dry ingredients in a bowl, mix for a few seconds until all dry ingredients are blended.
  2. Then add eggs, orange juice and mashed up bananas. Next begin pouring in milk gradually until you have  wet mixture.
  3. Lastly add raisins and apricots. Spray a loaf tin, preheat oven to 350 F, pour mixture into oaf tin, band loaf tin with mixture on counter to ensure even coverage.
  4. Bake for 1 hour or until tooth pick comes out clean.
  5. Then eat and enjoy. Perfect for breakfast, after workout, healthy treat in the evening, kids, grown ups young old, everyone…..


Approx 115 calories per slice.

Choosing a race that suits you

So here are some tips and insights into choosing a race that is right for you, and also finding out whats important to take into considerations.

So location is always important, where do you want to race, destination race somewhere close by, another country etc. Logistics are required for nearly any race even if its in your hometown, ease of getting there, access etc. So once you decide where you might like to race, the next thing is What.

What race do you want to do….with so many different types out there it is good to narrow down to a certain type, do you want to run a half marathon, full, 10 km, shorter than that, triatlon, duathlon, mud run etc you get the picture. So once you decide on a type of race, you can head to the computer and look up all the races in your desired location. Also notice boards at starbucks and jamba juice and places sometimes have local race notice pinned up so check there too.Some websites that are good are and

You must choose a distance or race that suits you and that is within your goal range, so take into account how far away your race is, how much time you are currently alotting for training, your work load, family load and any other factors that affect how much time and effort and dedication you can put in.

Next how much can you afford, racing is a very lucritive idustry these days, and can end up being expensive so heres a few tips for the thrifty.

Signing up early to get early bird specials is a good technique. Smaller races tend to be less expensive so look local races in desired areas.

Also google discount codes for certain races, alot of times there are some 10 or 15 percent off etc is a good website for this. Check into if you refer a friend etc discounts. Also some races if you volunteer at some of their races then you get a free entry, its fun your helping other runners and learning along the way, plus a free race entry-done and done.

check out if your in the SF bay area, there just one group of great people. I am sure however everywhere has something similar.

Another thing thats important after deciding on what distance and kind of race, where and budget is your goals and what you want to get out of the race.

Do you want to PR, is swag important to you, are big crowds intimidating, do you like to run/race alone or with a group and if so what groups are out there or online to aid you in achieving your goals.

Then train and head to you race. Gear and all that is another entirely different blog altogether, I hope these helped and feel free to add any more in the comment section.

Happy running